NEW CONTENT SITE has been a great site for multiple reasons…

but as I am committed to serving everyone in my market, I have two new more comprehensive sites …


#1 is TheMortgageGoToGuy!!…

all the content from this site has been on all along but TMGTG is the main site with the full length articles you would enjoy as readers

#2 is Vertical Real Estate Logistics, LLC…

This is my new venture…a turn-key, fully integrated real estate consultancy for Developers that want a team of professionals helping them identify, acquire, finance, sell, market and mortgage out their developments… as well as for investors looking to find an investment in real estate other than the typical rental.


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Florida Mortgage & Real Estate | "Market" talk…

Listening to the News – Local in Florida or National on CNN, Headline News or MSNBC – you learn that there is a big chasm in the interpretation of “The Market” and what that actually refers to.

NYSE Market Jpeg from Wikipedia To some, “The Market” is a MacroEconomic entity that encompasses all the good and especially the bad from “Sea to Shining Sea”.  It also includes the downturn of housing prices in Florida, the Subprime Mortgage Meltdown, and all things in between. 

Unfortunately, “The Market” should be viewed through a MicroEconomic looking glass if you are really strategizing and analyzing properly.

So when I hear someone say, “Well, due to this market…” I wonder what they’re referring to? 

Could it be just an ignorance of the difference between Macroeconomics and Microeconomics…

Comparing Daytona Beach Florida versus Sebring Florida is apples to oranges but too many people have been slinging mud about “The Market” without realizing how sweepingly generalities as such just prove their own susceptibility to myopia.

So when you hear someone say, “The Market”… figure out which one they are talking about.  The national Morning News generality or the local real estate professional’s local perspective.

Maybe you can tell me now which one is “in the know”.

For more details on this phenomenon, read the full article by following this link -o-> Florida Real Estate & Mortgage | Prognosticating the Market(s)

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Boca Raton Florida Mortgage | South Florida celebrates Harry Potter today

With lines thinning ever so slightly at the box office to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, everyone is prolonging their Harry Potter fever with a mix of celebration and sadness at the release of his final book Harry Potter and the Death Hallows.

All around South Florida, there will be “Harry Potter Parties” honoring the legend and the midnight book release.

Here is a partial list of local happenings.  Please feel free to leave other times and locations in the comments section.

Location Time
Borders Bookstores 9:30pm Friday
Barnes & Noble Booksellers as early as 7pm Friday
Books & Books
(Coral Gables, Florida)
9pm Friday
Books & Books
(Bal Harbour, Florida)
10am Saturday
Delray Beach Library 12-4pm Saturday
Nova Southeastern University 1pm Saturday
North Regional/BCC Library 2pm Saturday
Broward County Main Library 2pm Thursday
Northwest Regional Library 2:30pm Thursday
Palm Beach County Library
(West Boynton Branch)
Palm Beach County Library
(Jupiter Branch)
2pm Saturday
Palm Beach County Library
(Greenacres Branch)
2pm – Adult Party!

Remember… the FREE PUBLIC libraries will have plenty of copies of the book to Check Out if you’re not one of the lucky ones in line to buy what will likely be a huge hit!

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Boca Raton Florida Mortgage | Abe and Louie’s Steak and Seafood, perfect for date night

Boston as come to Boca Raton, Florida with the great steakhouse Abe and Louie’s.   “Best Steakhouse and Wine List 2005” by Boston Magazine and “The Best Cow in Boston” Zagat Survey 2002 now has a location near Town Center Mall in central Boca Raton, Florida.

On your date night, consider a delicious Bone-in Filet with a portabello demi-glace, grilled asparagus and an iceberg wedge with applewood smoked bacon and blue cheese dressing.  Sound good?  Maybe a 20oz Bone-in Ribeye?  A grilled Swordfish steak? Chocolate Souffle for dessert (order 20min in advance).

This is an old school mahogany and leather steak places just oozing with class.  A great wine list and some seasonal specials keep the menu fresh and sumptuous.  The casual-ness of the atmosphere beats the stuffy atmosphere at some of the bigger national names… jeans aren’t turned away at the valet stand!

Call ahead for reservations… especially during “season” when the snowbirds from Up East are plentiful and looking for a taste of back home.

Abe & Louie’s
2200 West Glades Rd
Boca Raton, FL 33431

Tel: (561) 447-0024
Fax: (561)447- 0063

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Boca Raton Florida Mortgage | It is getting really Così in Boca Raton!

 A new banner went up in the Del Mar Shopping Center at the Northwest Corner of Powerline and Palmetto.  Boca Raton, Florida will soon have the newest location of the Così franchise.

cosi map

Known for its warm atmosphere, great coffee and fresh baked breads, Così is a direct competitor to Panera Bread and Einstein Brothers.  Click here for a menu to see what they have to offer.

Così is known for its warm, custom surroundings and comfort foods.  From Warm Apple Cider to make your own S’mores to Sub sandwiches on fresh made artisan breads, Così has something for everyone.

There are already three of these new concepts located in South Florida Macy’s Stores in The Aventura Mall in Aventura, Florida, The Falls Mall in Miami, Florida, The Fashion Mall in Plantation, Florida, and Dadeland Mall in Miami, Florida

Così will add a new business lunch spot to Boca Raton in a much needed area.  With Free Wifi and plenty of space in the former Hollywood Video location, Così will definitely be a hit from day one. 

Look for another Così location to open in snowbird heavy Naples, Florida (Collection at Vanderbilt) in the near future.

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Boca Raton Florida Mortgage | King’s Gourmet Market Moving

Boca Raton Florida has loved King’s Gourmet Market for its great seafood, fresh produce and delicious bakery items.  The only downside to the market has been its location on Military Road with little or no parking for its throngs of loyal customers. 




The Palm Beach Post has reported that King’s Gourmet Market will soon be moving to the Boca Grove shopping center on Powerline Road, South of Glades in the space formerly occupied by Ross Dress for Less. 

 This location will serve King’s Gourmet Market’s customers well for several reasons:

  • Parking will be easier with lots more spaces.
  • Being further West in Boca Raton Florida will make the drive easier from many communities
  • Getting into the center will be easier with more than one entrance off of Powerline Rd.
  • There will be more than just King’s Gourmet Market there – it is more of a destination center with Sushi, Salons and other retail.
  • The store will be much more spacious which will allow King’s Gourmet Market to have more display shelves and increase their selection.

Another reason that this is a good move for all parties is the distance it will put between King’s Gourmet Market and Whole Foods

While King’s Gourmet Market is not a direct competitor in the Health Food Industry, the two stores do have a lot of overlap in the fresh produce, meats and seafood areas.  People won’t have to choose Whole Foods anymore because they don’t know how to find it from Glades Rd or I-95.

All in all, this is a great move of a Boca Raton Florida landmark establishment.

Good Luck King’s Gourmet Market!

To see a map to the new location, click here!

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Boca Raton Florida Mortgage | Bloggerazzi & Sellsius SoBe – the new regime in Journalism

MSN Money, Marketwatch, Motley Fool, The Wall Street Journal, The National Enquirer… what do all these names have in common?

They’re good for my SEO rankings?? yes, but that’s not where I’m going… or is it?

During my interviews on the Blog Tour RV with the Sellsius Guys, the topic of conversation took a right turn when best selling author Gerald L Posner and his author/columnist wife Trisha Posner joined in on the fun.

In the middle of a very fruitful conversation for me – when I got a chance to listen to Rudy and Joe while running the cameras on Peter Santiago – our interview changed.

We had been discussing the merits of Blogging and other forms of creating an online presence and how our readers are affecting us. This about-face took us to how we are affecting the world of journalism.

We surmised that perhaps Bloggers are the revolutionaries in the world of Journalism.

Journalists have had such a long run reporting on what they SEE in the world around us. They have schools for people just to learn this craft. These enterprising souls are leaving top universities with laptop and camera in tow to find a job where they can tell the public about the news.

The problem with this model is that most of these people do not have any experience in the industries on which they report!

Bloggers are reporting on what we LIVE!

The hardest part of getting a first job is the lack of experience in that industry. To get hired as a Chef, it is required that you:

  • know how to cook
  • know your way around a professional kitchen
  • generally have the experience to complement the team that is already in place

…without some previous experience, you’re going to have to start at an Applebee’s if you ever want to work your way up to working directly for Tyler Florence, their new celebrity chef spokesperson! and then you’re still going to need some hard core training and/or formal training before Tyler will like your scrambled eggs (his favorite test for new hires).

Why is it that these trades are different than OUR trades?

Here’s a little bit of MY experience that supports my writings:

  • I grew up in my father’s office… he owns a Land Surveying business. He has been a homebuilder. His friends and colleagues are developers, agents, mortgage brokers, contractors, etc…
  • I learned to spot houses and walk off measurements with his licensed surveyor’s training at age 7.
  • I worked in his office answering phones and putting together research at age 12.
  • I ran deeds with him at the courthouse at age 13.
  • At age 15 I spent a summer as a super in one of his homebuilding ventures.
  • At age 16, I had a car so I could run out on my own and do things.
  • After my MBA, I got my Real Estate License. I sold and leased commercial real estate and then ventured into residential.
  • I moved to South Florida where I used my knack for numbers and MBA to move into the Mortgage Industry and haven’t looked back.

Most Journalists can NEVER say this about their lives regarding what they write.

Sure … Carrie Bradshaw’s column on Sex and the City was about her life dating… but that’s lifestyle. What about the Journalists writing about Real Estate or Mortgages?

Is the Blogosphere the new Uber-Media?

When Rudy_Sellsius is running around South Beach with a DVCam is he the epitome of the new Bloggerazzi???

Will the counter-culture of Bloggers eventually overtake the mainstream journalists and periodicals when it comes to reporting from the trenches of an industry?

All indications from the panel of experts on the BlogTour RV was that Authors in general are fine. Book Authors will always be there… but Journalists – Newpaper and Magazine journalists – are vulnerable to this technological coup d’etat.

Where does the best Celebrity Gossip come from? TMZ? Entertainment Tonight?…

No! the world turns to Perez Hilton now!

Even Headline News now has I-Report which has already turned into its own show News to Me!

The tip of the iceberg has been spotted.

The question now becomes if the Titanics of the news media are on the lookout or not.

After a preliminary search of local newspapers, there are one or two journalists blogging – but there are no links to outside bloggers. No bloggers have been brought out of the market to help provide live content. No freelancing by Agents and Brokers regarding the Insider perspective!

Sure – we get one or two liners in an article. We meet a journalist at a little league game and give a soundbite…

a soundbite…

Bloggers are headed for more than a soundbite…

I now have three blogs – ActiveRain, TheMortgageGoToGuy, and the newest is BocaRatonHomeLoan… and a couple more on the way!

I wonder if the local press will pick up on ME and want an insider on their team??

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