Boca Raton Florida Mortgage | What makes a House a Home no matter where you live…

In the movie Die Hard, John McClain (Bruce Willis) is telling someone he doesn’t like travelling and he never feels at home.   He replies, “Get there, take a shower and put your feet on the carpet.  Make fists with your toes on the carpet and you’ll feel good.”  One of the next scenes, John does this and feels better….

Why?  I believe it is a feeling of connectedness and familiarity with the dwelling.

Houses, Condos, Houseboats, Trailers, Tents, Igloos, Adobes and TeePees are all HOUSES.  But what makes them HOME is that feeling you get when you first feel:

  • Comfortable sinking into the couch and creating YOUR SPOT. 
  • Or when you first walk barefoot and don’t feel strange about it. 
  • Or when you get up in the middle of the night and find the bathroom without totally opening your eyes.

All of these have to do with your body and mind relaxing and accepting your surroundings.

The thing that I can say about myself is that all dwellings have a personality.  They can live and breathe if there are good vibrations there.

The way I say it to people I know is that “The House BREATHES”… it is alive and vibrant.  Sometimes I say, “There are ghosts in the house”… really meaning memories and that Je Ne Sais Quoi that really comes from people living and loving in a home.

You heard it… there’s LOVE in the house.

If you go to a Hotel, you may love the view, the amenities or even the huge bed with fluffy pillowsbut it lacks the personality and warmth of a LOVING HOME.

I left my hometown of Louisville, KY in September of 2003 and moved down here to South Florida.  I crossed several boundaries of familiarity and comfort when I did.  We moved in with my mother in law (then just my girlfriend’s mother) for just a couple of months while we figured out where we wanted to be. 

I was comfortable there… sometimes too comfortable with the pool, the club, the courtyard, the TV… but I wasn’t at HOME there until after I moved out.  After I had my own apartment was I at HOME and could return there and be comfortable flopping down on the Chaise Longue in the courtyard. 

Why? because the BREATH OF LOVE had returned and it is no longer a place of displacement and stress – but now a place of refuge and relaxation.

My son turned 16 months old today.  He is especially sensitive to HOME vs HOUSE.  He’s going through a phase where he just WON’T sleep anywhere but here at our HOME.  We tried to give him an overnight with Grammie, but Mommy and I had to cut short our date night to pick him up and take him home.

He fell asleep at 12:15am … 4 minutes into the car ride HOME

  • He was relaxed…
  • he was comfortable…
  • he felt cozy and secure…

Even though he was in the back of my car – not my wife’s… he had his Daddy and was ready to give into the heavy eyelids.

Home is  where you go and just thinking about your cool sheets (I live in a Tropical climate!) and the fluffy pillows that you use every night regardless of age and wear makes you feel secure and erases the stresses of SELLING OR FINANCING HOUSES all day.

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