Boca Raton Florida: It’s Not Easy Being Green…

 Well… I have to admit I was EXCITED when I heard the news that Publix Grocery Chain was opening a new concept store called Publix Greenwise.

They announced a great location in Boca Raton, Florida and one in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida where the first two of these concepts would be opened. Shortly afterwards, there will be several in further North opening in Coral Springs, Florida, Tampa, Florida, Vero Beach, Florida and in Naples, Florida.

greenwise magazine free subscriptionThe store will be focused on bringing wholesome, natural and organic foods and earth-friendly items to the public in a whole new way.

This store will be lined up in direct competition with Whole Foods Market, the dominant force in Healthy Retailing.

Right now, Organic and Wholesome foods are an enormous business and Publix stands poised to not only increase the market share for Organic and Natural Food Retailers vs normal retailers but it should also raise awareness on a larger scale for smart food choices in a world of recalls, E Coli and BGH.

I am personally a big consumer of natural and organic foods as I have a 16 month old son. He drinks only organic milk and eats natural chicken. We do not want him getting an unhealthy start in his life for fears of obesity, childhood diabetes and other health concerns that are making news daily. I grew up on McDonalds and even they are pushing a healthier menu these days!

What I don’t understand is the protests over these stores!!!

The is telling the story of the protest of the local customers in Boca Raton, Florida who are upset that their neighborhood grocery store is closing for 6 months to reopen as a new concept that won’t have everything they are used to finding on the current shelves.

Don’t get me wrong:

  • I understand that this is the store where they’re used to shopping and it is an inconvenience.
  • I understand that the Organic/Natural market concept won’t target as broad a consumer group
  • and I understand that most of these people will have to drive outside of the 2 mile zone of comfort the currently are used to…

But I also understand:

  • This is a much better location in many ways than the Whole Foods Market down the street, but inconveniently across I-95, away from many of the communities that will soon have to choose between the two stores.
  • This is a direct competition scenario – and it happens to be on the same large parcel as Town Center Mall in Boca Raton, Florida – making it a HUGE destination location
  • Based on the Demographics of the Area – this is the best location in Boca Raton, Florida being nearby Boca Raton Community Hospital and its medical office spin offs… Florida Atlantic University, Thousands of square feet of other office space, and the aforementioned Mall!

We are in a GREEN WORLD these days and I welcome with open arms these changes. I look forward to this concept flourishing and opening closer to where I live near Boynton Beach, Florida.

And … I congratulate Publix on having the wherewithall to open a concept that will benefit all of the consumers that will soon come to LOVE BEING GREEN

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5 responses to “Boca Raton Florida: It’s Not Easy Being Green…

  1. More proof that the FTC has made a false argument that Whole Foods and Wild Oats are the ONLY players in this market, and should not be allowed to merge. Publix Greenwise is going to kick their butts in the Southeast!

  2. It sure is! We own a cleaning company down here and just started a new Green Line of cleaning and maid service. I also go to my local Whole Foods store here in Plantation at least 3 times a week and Publixs 1 time a week.

    I think it is great the whole green movement!


  3. francoise

    Anyone knows when the Boca Raton Publix Greenwise will open? I have been to the Palm Beach one and it is a great concept. I hope the Boca store will have the same great prepared food with a big seating place upstairs.
    Than you

  4. Todd

    I work for Greenwise, Boca just opened and its SMALL. The store up north is losing money quick, more employees have transfered to a normal store than stayed there. Literally, every department lost over 50%+ of their staff and none have been hired to replace them. The store did 288k last week, they need to do 350k a week to break even. Management is a joke to say the least. The internal survey at the store from employees currently working there was around 30% happyness. The store managers idea was “lets put candy in the room to make the mood upbeat”

    I’m not an employee that dislikes the company, its actually a great company, the “Greenwise” part of Publix is a big problem however. It will fail like the other great idea they had, delivering your groceries to your house.

    They need to stick to what they do best, run supermarkets, not try to compete with Whole Foods. “People shop at Publix because they need food, people shop at Whole Foods because its a lifestyle.”

    Also, Vero Beach is no longer opening and to whoever wrote this article, remember 1 thing, we all grew up on foods that weren’t “organic”, just because you grew up on McDonalds doesn’t mean your kid would. Drink regular milk, eat regular food, its all the same stuff. You get ‘too healthy’ and the body can’t fight diseases that are all around us.

  5. Rebecca S.

    I’m excited about Publix making this move. I’ve been a “devoted” Wholefoods shopper for many years, mostly beacause I’m able to walk in, shop for food, and not worry too much about label reading. There IS a difference in eating natural and/or organic. Todd mentions being “too healthy [to fight diseases]”. I for one am exposed to the elements, sick people in close proximity and I must say that I’m doing quite well. I don’t take medication and so my body has learned to build its own defenses. My last cold was 4 years ago and that lasted about 3 days. I’ve yet to get the flu even though I work in an environment where I am very close to many people at a time. I owe that to my lifestyle which involves eating “clean” foods and maintaining a good exercise regimine. I grew up on a mixture of conventional and organic foods and in my adulthood, my body reacts to the differences in the two which is why I made the conversion to strictly organics. I’m glad that there are now more options.

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