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NEW CONTENT SITE has been a great site for multiple reasons…

but as I am committed to serving everyone in my market, I have two new more comprehensive sites …


#1 is TheMortgageGoToGuy!!…

all the content from this site has been on all along but TMGTG is the main site with the full length articles you would enjoy as readers

#2 is Vertical Real Estate Logistics, LLC…

This is my new venture…a turn-key, fully integrated real estate consultancy for Developers that want a team of professionals helping them identify, acquire, finance, sell, market and mortgage out their developments… as well as for investors looking to find an investment in real estate other than the typical rental.


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Florida Mortgage & Real Estate | "Market" talk…

Listening to the News – Local in Florida or National on CNN, Headline News or MSNBC – you learn that there is a big chasm in the interpretation of “The Market” and what that actually refers to.

NYSE Market Jpeg from Wikipedia To some, “The Market” is a MacroEconomic entity that encompasses all the good and especially the bad from “Sea to Shining Sea”.  It also includes the downturn of housing prices in Florida, the Subprime Mortgage Meltdown, and all things in between. 

Unfortunately, “The Market” should be viewed through a MicroEconomic looking glass if you are really strategizing and analyzing properly.

So when I hear someone say, “Well, due to this market…” I wonder what they’re referring to? 

Could it be just an ignorance of the difference between Macroeconomics and Microeconomics…

Comparing Daytona Beach Florida versus Sebring Florida is apples to oranges but too many people have been slinging mud about “The Market” without realizing how sweepingly generalities as such just prove their own susceptibility to myopia.

So when you hear someone say, “The Market”… figure out which one they are talking about.  The national Morning News generality or the local real estate professional’s local perspective.

Maybe you can tell me now which one is “in the know”.

For more details on this phenomenon, read the full article by following this link -o-> Florida Real Estate & Mortgage | Prognosticating the Market(s)

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