Boca Raton Florida Mortgage | Day Trip to Miami’s South Beach for a Cafe Cubano

This past Sunday, I ventured out of the house earlier than my 17 month old son usually allows.  I headed down to Miami’s South Beach to meet the guys from Sellsius Real Estate that were in town on their Blog Bus Tour.  Being that living and working in Palm Beach County, Florida keeps me about 50-60 miles North of South Beach, I figured I would make a stop in “my” cuban cafe just off South Beach Florida’s famous Lincoln Road Pedestrian Mall.

David's Cafe I walked from Alton Road down Lincoln Rd and hung a left on Meridian.  Half a block down is where you will find David’s Cafe II.  For those who have never experienced a real Cuban Cafe before, this is definitely something you should not miss when you’re visiting South FloridaDavid’s Cafe has been in existence since 1977 so it has stood the test of time with the Cuban and American populations in South Beach Miami….and for good reason!

cuban coffee_regular Right on the street is an open window where they serve Cafe Cubano 24/7 along with other menu items like the Media Noche sandwich, the traditional Sandwich Cubano and Plantains – either the starchy, double fried Tostones or the sweet uber-caramelized Maduros (my fav).  You can also pick from an assortment of fresh baked Cuban Pastries.

 These fine menu items MUST be paired with one of the traditional Cafes Cubanos … Cuban Coffees.  There are four traditional forms of this wonderful elixir.

  • Cafecito… of Cafe Cubano.  In Italy, they claim this is simply an espresso… but where espresso is dark and bold, cafecito is sweet and sublime.  This is typically brewed right into a cup with cane sugar or cane syrup.  Delicious!  A real Cafe Cubano will have a beautiful espumita.  This is a sweet foam that derives from the mixing of the first drops of the coffee with the sugar.
  • Colada – colada is a BIG Cafe Cubano.  This is a social drink.  You’ll see one person order a Colada and come out with a paper cup full of cafecito.  They will also have what looks like a stack of shot glasses.  The Colada is poured to everyone in the party to share.  Quite communal and wonderful… Sante!
  • Cortadito –  This is a Cafecito with milk… like a cappucino.  Sweet and creamy.
  • Cafe con Leche – this is more of a morning drink.  This is similar to a Cafe au Lait, although some say it is like a Latte.  The Cafe au Lait model is closer because the milk is not typically foamed.  It is half and half hot milk to coffee.  Sometimes they are served separately for you to pour the coffee in yourself.

Cafe CubanoAnyway you like it, Cafe Cubano is a sublime and wonderful way to celebrate Cuban-American culture when you make a visit to South Beach Miami.  The Starbucks across the street doesn’t even put a dent in their business – especially late into the South Beach nights.

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Boca Raton Florida | Dining Magazine Debut

Boca Raton Florida has many great restaurants but just now got a boost from a new Magazine by the publishers of Boca Raton MagazineFlorida Table Magazine is dubbed as the magazine featuring  “South Florida‘s Best Dining and Nightlife”. 

The debut issue of this quarterly just came out and it shows a lot of promise for people visiting the area or residents who just want to read about great new places to go.

 One of my favorite stories in this issue is a quick bit on how to eat Stone Crab claws.  They are delicious and unfortunately very seasonal.  Currently in season, these delicacies are a must have for anyone who has never enjoyed them.

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South Florida Affordable Housing: Political Trade Offs….

South Florida Affordable Housing is a political mess because of tradeoffs that need to happen before anything real can happy in the marketplace.

Catching up on some news today, I saw some big issues being brought up in the ongoing Affordable Housing debates in Palm Beach County, Florida and Broward County, Florida.

I want to isolate a few interrelated issues to get the ball rolling as the sum total of Affordable Housing is just a big complicated mess. Hopefully this will inspire some people to start delving into some of the problems and open their eyes to the areas for improvement everywhere – not just Palm Beach County, Florida.

For more on this story, please follow this link>>

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Boca Raton Florida: It’s Not Easy Being Green…

 Well… I have to admit I was EXCITED when I heard the news that Publix Grocery Chain was opening a new concept store called Publix Greenwise.

They announced a great location in Boca Raton, Florida and one in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida where the first two of these concepts would be opened. Shortly afterwards, there will be several in further North opening in Coral Springs, Florida, Tampa, Florida, Vero Beach, Florida and in Naples, Florida.

greenwise magazine free subscriptionThe store will be focused on bringing wholesome, natural and organic foods and earth-friendly items to the public in a whole new way.

This store will be lined up in direct competition with Whole Foods Market, the dominant force in Healthy Retailing.

Right now, Organic and Wholesome foods are an enormous business and Publix stands poised to not only increase the market share for Organic and Natural Food Retailers vs normal retailers but it should also raise awareness on a larger scale for smart food choices in a world of recalls, E Coli and BGH.

I am personally a big consumer of natural and organic foods as I have a 16 month old son. He drinks only organic milk and eats natural chicken. We do not want him getting an unhealthy start in his life for fears of obesity, childhood diabetes and other health concerns that are making news daily. I grew up on McDonalds and even they are pushing a healthier menu these days!

What I don’t understand is the protests over these stores!!!

The is telling the story of the protest of the local customers in Boca Raton, Florida who are upset that their neighborhood grocery store is closing for 6 months to reopen as a new concept that won’t have everything they are used to finding on the current shelves.

Don’t get me wrong:

  • I understand that this is the store where they’re used to shopping and it is an inconvenience.
  • I understand that the Organic/Natural market concept won’t target as broad a consumer group
  • and I understand that most of these people will have to drive outside of the 2 mile zone of comfort the currently are used to…

But I also understand:

  • This is a much better location in many ways than the Whole Foods Market down the street, but inconveniently across I-95, away from many of the communities that will soon have to choose between the two stores.
  • This is a direct competition scenario – and it happens to be on the same large parcel as Town Center Mall in Boca Raton, Florida – making it a HUGE destination location
  • Based on the Demographics of the Area – this is the best location in Boca Raton, Florida being nearby Boca Raton Community Hospital and its medical office spin offs… Florida Atlantic University, Thousands of square feet of other office space, and the aforementioned Mall!

We are in a GREEN WORLD these days and I welcome with open arms these changes. I look forward to this concept flourishing and opening closer to where I live near Boynton Beach, Florida.

And … I congratulate Publix on having the wherewithall to open a concept that will benefit all of the consumers that will soon come to LOVE BEING GREEN

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Boca Raton Tennis: USTA Player Development Relocates to Boca!

 USTA Banner

Tennis Anyone? Boca Raton, Florida has a great new asset to attract people looking for the fun of year round tennis play!

In a well publicized relocation, the USTA has moved its USTA Player Development Program from its headquarters in Key Biscayne, Florida further North to Boca Raton. The move was strategic as the USTA joins forces with Women’s tennis legend Chris Evert at her Evert Tennis Academy, a highly-acclaimed tennis training facility in West Boca Raton.

The USTA Player Development Program is expanding on the site of the Evert Tennis Center with the addition of a three story multi-use building housing a state of the art training and fitness center, USTA offices and year round housing for promising players partaking in the program.

The USTA Player Development Program is a sort of scouting agency for American youth tennis players. It helps get them the proper training, nutrition and coaching to develop them as the future talent that will succeed other South Florida Williams SistersNative Tennis Greats such as Venus and Serena Williams and Andy Roddick. It is designed for players ages 14-18 but features year round clinics and round robin tournaments for youth as young as 9 years old.

 Besides the obvious benefit to the USTA and the Evert Tennis Academy, Boca Raton will be seeing a nice growth in population and businesses thriving off of this new partnership.

Communities like Mission Bay and Boca Isles will support the families who choose to move here so their children can devote themselves to tennis full time in a climate suited for year-round play.

Mission Bay is directly adjacent to the Tennis Center with many of its smaller communities lying within walking distance. Mission Bay is spread over and across Glades Road just West of Florida Highway 441. It consists of 10 smaller sub-communities of one and two story single family houses and some townhomes as well. The prices range from the $300,000’s to $700,000 depending on the sub-community and amenities. The Club has 15 tennis courts, basketball courts, and a newly renovated fitness center including spa and classes that are free to members/residents.

The Mission Bay SubCommunities are:

  •  Mission Bay Tranquil PhotoMission Bay – Cordova
  • Mission Bay – Harbour Springs
  • Mission Bay – La Costa
  • Mission Bay – Laguna
  • Mission Bay – Las Flores
  • Mission Bay – Reflections
  • Mission Bay – Regatta
  • Mission Bay – Sonata
  • Mission Bay – The Isle
  • Mission Bay – Ventura
  • and Mission Bay – Courtside Villas is a rental community inside Mission Bay

Boca Isles is further North of Mission Bay and offers a more spread out, secluded lifestyle while still remaining  within a short bike ride to the tennis center.

Boca Isles is a Lennar Homes Community with two main phases, Boca Isles North and Boca Isles South. Both feature single family homes with security gates with a tranquil secluded atmosphere.

Both Communities feature proximity to A rated schools such as Sandpiper Shores Elementary, Loggers Run Middle School and the newly built West Boca Community High School. They are also both blocks to shopping and only minutes from Boca Raton’s Town Center Mall.

With the partnership between these two tennis institurtions, the neighborhoods that are poised to support the relocation and the community that is ready to embrace a new age in tennis in South Florida.

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Boca Raton Florida Mortgage | What makes a House a Home no matter where you live…

In the movie Die Hard, John McClain (Bruce Willis) is telling someone he doesn’t like travelling and he never feels at home.   He replies, “Get there, take a shower and put your feet on the carpet.  Make fists with your toes on the carpet and you’ll feel good.”  One of the next scenes, John does this and feels better….

Why?  I believe it is a feeling of connectedness and familiarity with the dwelling.

Houses, Condos, Houseboats, Trailers, Tents, Igloos, Adobes and TeePees are all HOUSES.  But what makes them HOME is that feeling you get when you first feel:

  • Comfortable sinking into the couch and creating YOUR SPOT. 
  • Or when you first walk barefoot and don’t feel strange about it. 
  • Or when you get up in the middle of the night and find the bathroom without totally opening your eyes.

All of these have to do with your body and mind relaxing and accepting your surroundings.

The thing that I can say about myself is that all dwellings have a personality.  They can live and breathe if there are good vibrations there.

The way I say it to people I know is that “The House BREATHES”… it is alive and vibrant.  Sometimes I say, “There are ghosts in the house”… really meaning memories and that Je Ne Sais Quoi that really comes from people living and loving in a home.

You heard it… there’s LOVE in the house.

If you go to a Hotel, you may love the view, the amenities or even the huge bed with fluffy pillowsbut it lacks the personality and warmth of a LOVING HOME.

I left my hometown of Louisville, KY in September of 2003 and moved down here to South Florida.  I crossed several boundaries of familiarity and comfort when I did.  We moved in with my mother in law (then just my girlfriend’s mother) for just a couple of months while we figured out where we wanted to be. 

I was comfortable there… sometimes too comfortable with the pool, the club, the courtyard, the TV… but I wasn’t at HOME there until after I moved out.  After I had my own apartment was I at HOME and could return there and be comfortable flopping down on the Chaise Longue in the courtyard. 

Why? because the BREATH OF LOVE had returned and it is no longer a place of displacement and stress – but now a place of refuge and relaxation.

My son turned 16 months old today.  He is especially sensitive to HOME vs HOUSE.  He’s going through a phase where he just WON’T sleep anywhere but here at our HOME.  We tried to give him an overnight with Grammie, but Mommy and I had to cut short our date night to pick him up and take him home.

He fell asleep at 12:15am … 4 minutes into the car ride HOME

  • He was relaxed…
  • he was comfortable…
  • he felt cozy and secure…

Even though he was in the back of my car – not my wife’s… he had his Daddy and was ready to give into the heavy eyelids.

Home is  where you go and just thinking about your cool sheets (I live in a Tropical climate!) and the fluffy pillows that you use every night regardless of age and wear makes you feel secure and erases the stresses of SELLING OR FINANCING HOUSES all day.

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